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Constitution of the United States Questions and Answers

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There are a number of main points to the US Constitution. While different lists of such main points may include different things, the following five things are very important.

Please provide a brief summary of the Constitution. It specifies how the government is to be set up and it also provides a list of things that the Did the Constitution represent accommodations of both consevative and liberal visions of To some degree, the Constitution did represent an accommodation of both liberal and conservative visions of republicanism.

On the conservative side, the Constitution did try to shield the Did the creation of the Constitution represent a successful attempt by the commercial elite to This has been something of a controversial topic at times in American history. Most notably, about years ago, a historian named Charles Beard famously argued that the Constitution represented The way that this question is worded implies that you are supposed to be discussing how the creation of the Constitution is represented in a particular book or article or other document.

This clause was much more important in times past than it is today. Today, our habits of democracy are rather well instilled in us and there is little real danger of this clause being violated in How do the admission procedures for new States reflect the underlying values of the Constitution?

It really does not say much about it at all. The only thing that really If a proposed amendment violates the Constitution, should the Supreme Court be able to block its No, the Supreme Court should not be able to block such a proposed amendment.

After all, any amendment is, by its very definition, a change to the Constitution. That means that essentially any What kind of people were the writers of the Constitution. In general, the people who wrote the Constitution came from the elite of society. They were certainly not representative of the population as a whole. This is why some historians most notably There were sixteen letters of Brutus written by Robert Yates. He used Brutus as a pseudonym because of the historical association of that name.

Brutus was the Roman who had led the plot against After the framers completed the Constitution in , what did Madison and the other framers do Of course, not all Americans reacted in the same way to the Constitution when it was first proposed to them in There was some degree of hostility to the new framework from some people.

What was the Great Compromise? The Great Compromise is also known as the Connecticut Compromise. It was a compromise over the nature of the US Congress. The compromise was reached during the Constitutional Convention of Why did the Constitution not include qualifications for members of Congress other than the ones The Framers of the Constitution did not include any other qualifications for membership in Congress because they wanted American politics and government to be as open as possible.

Why did the Antifederalists dislike the new Constitution? The Antifederalists disliked the new Constitution because they feared that it was making a federal government that would have too much power.

They felt this both because of what the Constitution How is the Constitution still relevant today? The Constitution is still relevant today in two main ways. First of all, the Constitution does still lay out the basic set of rules that governs how our country is run. When the Supreme Court How did the Constitution empower the national government?

One of the chief complaints about the Articles of Confederation was the limitations of the document. The national government created by the Articles was too weak and left little power to the Which of the following is true of both the national and state governments under the US Of the choices given here, the only possible answer is B. In a democratic system, all levels of government are accountable to the people. This is true because the people get to vote for the What year was the Constitution ratified?

If you are asking about when the Constitution was ratified, as opposed to when it was written or when it went into effect, the answer is The Constitution was written in Why did the Framers include the Supremacy Clause in the Constitution?

The Framers included the Supremacy Clause in the Constitution because they believed that the national government needed to have more power than the state governments had. They felt that the state Discuss whether the United States Constitution is a "flexible" document. The Constitution is indeed a flexible document. One reason the Constitution is flexible is because the language of many clauses in the Constitution is vague, perhaps deliberately so.

The Great Compromise was a compromise between which two plans? At the Constitutional Convention, there was a controversy over The Great Compromise was created in response to an argument about how to do what? The Great Compromise also known as the Connecticut Compromise was created in response to an argument about how to apportion seats in the national legislature. This was an argument between the Describe one of the four methods in which a proposed amendment can become part of the Constitution.

There are four ways that an amendment can be added to the Constitution. Specifically, there are two ways that an amendment can be proposed and two ways that a proposed amendment can be ratified Which of the six basic principles of the Constitution is the most important? The most important of the six basic principles of the Constitution is the principle of limited government. To re-enable the tools or to convert back to English, click "view original" on the Google Translate toolbar.

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Constitution Questions and Answers. Home > Homework Help. The Constitution sets out various powers that are given to the national government and others that are reserved for the states. In.

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Improved homework resources designed to support a variety of curriculum subjects and standards. A new, third level of content, designed specially to meet the advanced needs of the sophisticated scholar. A constitution is a set of rules that guides how a country, state, or other political organization works. The constitution may tell what the branches of the government are, what powers they have, and how they work.

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Here we offer a breakdown of the US Constitution for the younger kids. There is information here to help them learn about this living, breathing document, including its history and why it was formed. Homework Help from Bill of Rights Institute is a helpful resource for students, teachers, and parents described as "eye-catching and fresh.".