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Kids and Homework: Stay Out of It!

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❶I used to be in the Finnish system last year before I got into IB and I have told her that the Finnish system is not as hard, and that IB requires more studying.


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my parents wont let me do my homework. Ask your parents for their help and tell them that you are not coping. Good communication is very important for a great life. Don't yell, shout, get huffy or put on a tantrum. Be clear and specific in what you need. Surprise your parents with your maturity.

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My Parents Wont Let Me Do My Homework My Do Let My Wont Parents Homework Me. I think parents these days are a little too cautious. Ok, so your wife is a bitch and you hate her. IStock/alexsokolov. · Koko August 25, at am. Just changed my profile my parents wont let me do my homework picture to a llama.

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If you're in the U.S. talk to your school counselor, or your principal about this. Get them to involve your parents. Or get a written note from your parents explaining why they won't let you do homework, and then go to your counselor. Jan 16,  · My parents wont let me do my homework? I have loads of homework to do but my parents wont let me do it unless i tidy my room. My rooms in a real state because i've had so much homework since the start of year 10 that i've not had time to do anything about my Resolved.

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My parents aren't letting me do my homework because they are mad at me, what should I do? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 2 Answers. My parents won't let me do homework. What should I do? My parents aren't letting me have any freedom. What should I do? I have a bad grades right now. Why aren't my parents mad at me? Mom wont let me do homework. so I want to finish my homework, but she sometimes doesnt let me do.. she usually calls my grandparents, or my dad. Meager sum of help im feeling my dad wont help me with my homework large paper bags to .