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Writing a TV Production Resume

Second person

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TV Production Resume Tips

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Cons of writing in the first person

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Jerome Knyszewski, writing on LinkedIn, compares the more formal approach of a resume with the more personal approach of social media and suggests that writing a resume in the third person “can almost make that person appear even more powerful and influential than if it was written in the first person”.

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Writing in the first person is generally given a low score by an ATS and that will affect an applicant’s chances of being shortlisted. 5. A resume is a simple tool to prove you have the skills and experience to do the job – it shouldn’t necessarily be used to show off one’s personality. Oct 02,  · 1st person: “Work well with others” 3rd person: “Works well with others” The only difference in the two lines is the addition of the letter, ‘s’ in the first word in the sentence. In grammatical terms, there’s two implied words – one in each sentence that make all the difference.

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According to the Certification Guide prepared by the Professional Association of Resume Writers, resumes should be prepared in the first person. That makes sense since, as a general rule, when a person prepares a resume for distribution, it has her or his name, address, phone, and e-mail at the top. Resumes should never be written in third person. Use first person and choose the present or past tense to showcase the most important and relevant information to your employment goals. In the example below, you will see that a resume written in third-person does not have the dynamic impact of a resume written in first-person: Jane Doe is an excellent event manager and never went over budget.