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Anatomy and Cell Biology

❶The topics that students address in this program transcend national boundaries. Students visit gardens, learn basic cultivation skills through hands-on activities, and study the social and cultural sides of urban agriculture, as well as the political and city planning aspects of urban agriculture projects.

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Prerequisite courses include exercise physiology and tests and measures. Applicants must have an undergraduate degree with a major or minor in health and human performance or a related field to be considered. Opening in , the institution was one of the original schools in the University of Texas system. Degree candidates for this credit program must choose the thesis or nonthesis path.

For either option, learners complete courses like advanced exercise physiology, biochemical basis of sport, and motor learning and control. However, the nonthesis track requires an additional course chosen from options such as coronary intervention and advanced topics in kinesiology.

Students who earn a "D" in any course, or a "C" in more than one course, may be expelled from the program. The program has no practicum requirement and course delivery is completely online.

A thesis or research project serves as the capstone experience, and the final exam is an oral defense. The program must be completed within eight years, though most students finish well before the deadline. As part of the University of Texas Online Consortium , students are afforded the flexibility of taking courses from any of the participating universities.

Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in kinesiology or a related area to be considered. In , the Third District Agricultural School began. This institution eventually became Southern Arkansas University, and today, the school educates more than 4, learners.

The curriculum concludes with a capstone portfolio. Program goals are to train learners to use technology, communication, problem solving, and kinesiology knowledge to advance careers. This program adheres to the National Standards for Sport Coaches and can be completed within two years. Transfer students may qualify for a scholarship that is delivered for a maximum of four semesters, but only when entering the fall semester with 48 transfer credits.

The institution transitioned into being a nondenominational school in and embraced a final name change in To earn a sports medicine degree online from the university, students can enroll in the master of science in education with an emphasis in exercise science. This program requires 33 credits and guides learners through lectures, internships, and labs in topics that include clinical evaluation, nutrition, and fitness assessment.

Students gain experience working with people with diverse ages, weights, and health issues like cardiac problems and diabetes. Degree candidates may complete all program requirements online. The curriculum helps health workers transition into fields such as health education, sports medicine, exercise physiology, and sport management. The university connects distance learners with online tutoring resources, including the Khan Academy where degree candidates can watch more than 2,instructional videos on topics like physics and history.

Ashland University began in with the name of Ashland College. This North Central Association university now educates over 6, learners from a Christian perspective. The institution offers the master of science in applied exercise science that focuses on strength and conditioning.

To earn this online sports medicine degree, learners take courses like sports medicine principles for sports professionals, as well as scientific foundations of nutrition in sport. The degree also prepares students to assist others in physical endeavors, including rehabilitation and weight loss.

Degree seekers must meet with faculty twice to demonstrate exercise abilities. Learners may finish all other requirements online and complete the degree in just over a year. Distance learners can access the Ohio eTutoring Collaborative, which provides students with synchronous and asynchronous assistance in fields like anatomy and physiology, writing, and accounting. The university offers the master of science in kinesiology with an emphasis in sport and exercise science.

Students must earn 36 credits from courses such as leadership in kinesiology, sport physiology, and research design in kinesiology. Learners must also complete a thesis, graduate project, or exam. While this program is versatile enough to serve many interests within the Exercise Science realm, it specializes in Sport Performance.

Students have the option of completing coursework in-person, completely online, or in a blended manner. The university delivers courses through Blackboard and offers a workshop every semester to assist students in using the platform.

A Christian college located in Texas, Houston Baptist University focuses on small class sizes and individualized learning. The school hosts 17 Division I sports teams, including football, basketball, beach volleyball, and golf. The credit curriculum includes classes in management skills and the social aspects of sporting. Key sport business courses include management of sport delivery systems, financial management in sport, marketing management, and event and facility management.

Students also examine legal issues in sport, the history and culture of sport, and ethical issues in sport management. The program culminates in an internship and a thesis. Applicants must submit official transcripts and GRE scores. Known as "the Coaching Factory" due to its success producing championship-winning coaches, Southern Utah University boasts competitive sports teams and athletic programs.

Alumni have won state championships and more than a third of Utah high school football coaches hail from the school. Although most courses are available online, students must attend three clinical workshops on campus. The credit curriculum includes coursework in sports management, resistance training programs, motor skill acquisition, sport nutrition, and psychological aspects of sport performance. Students also complete a thesis.

Additionally, applicants to the sports conditioning program must hold a major or minor in physical education, exercise science, or sports medicine; be a licensed or certified fitness professional; or complete undergraduate courses in exercise physiology and biomechanics.

While courses may differ by school, sample curricula have been listed below. For example, entering a cohort-based program may require more time to completion, as you will be working alongside a group of fellow students that begin the program at the same time as you. On the other hand, an individually-paced program might allow for more flexibility to complete coursework on a timeline of your own design. Working on a full time basis, these credit hours could be completed in just two years. Working on a part-time basis may lengthen this time, as well as whether or not your chosen program is delivered synchronously or is self-paced.

In addition to all of the other important factors that go into choosing the best program for you, you will also want to consider what kind of accreditation by which each program is backed. Schools are often regionally accredited, which is generally more prestigious, but some may also be nationally accredited.

Regional accreditations include the Higher Learning Commission, which accredits schools in 19 north central states that meet its specific criteria. When it comes to programs in sports medicine, you might also want to look for a few program-specific accrediting agencies. Department of Education ED is a government agency that handles school-related policies throughout the United States. This federal agency is also responsible for providing aid and assistance to students and you will submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA to them each year you are in school in order to receive financial aid.

The ED and Council for Higher Education Accreditation both provide a comprehensive lists of accredited post-secondary schools on their websites for you to check. However, some states offer average salaries far higher than the national average. See below for a list of five such states. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those with the dedication, strong worth ethic, and patience that jobs in these fields often require are increasingly likely to find a great number of opportunities upon graduation.

These trainers work closely with athletes to prevent, diagnose, and treat bone and muscle injuries. Some may work in fitness centers, at universities, or in hospitals.

Dietitians and nutritionists focus on helping clients and patients manage their health through proper diet and nutrition. These professionals help clients set and achieve health or weight-related goals through properly managing and planning a diet.

Unlike general personal trainers, exercise physiologists use their knowledge and expertise about the body and its systems to create exercise regiments meant to help patients recover from physical trauma or injury.

While mostly self-employed, some also work in hospital settings. The goal is to help patients regain necessary movement, flexibility, and functionality to be able to carry out daily activities. Physical therapists often work in hospital or rehabilitation settings, as they work with patients to help recover from injury and manage pain. Note that this occupation requires additional certification.

Professional organizations are an integral part of pursuing a higher degree. Throughout your program, you can utilize the resources these organizations provide to network, learn about internship opportunities, and simply broaden your knowledge of the field.

Upon graduation, these organizations can help you land a good job, offer conferences and professional development events, and keep you connected with other professionals in your field. See the list below for a few examples of prominent professional organizations in the field of sports medicine. Founded in , this organization formed to fill a gap in the field of sports medicine by creating a forum for non-surgical, primary sports medicine physicians.

Today AMSSM promotes research in the field, encourages professional relationships, and advocates for excellent patient care. The ACSM works to further scientific research in the field of sports medicine. Boasting over 50, members, the group provides a stellar networking forum for sports medicine professionals, and helps connect members with certifications and professional development opportunities.

Fortunately, many online schools offer financial aid to online students. Students in sports medicine programs might also consider applying for program-specific scholarship through major organizations in the field. Our FAFSA guide features a step-by-step rundown on the process and answers to several frequently asked questions. Learn about the changes that have taken place, as well as the different funding opportunities available to online students.

Millions of dollars in free money is available to U. Learn more about grants, scholarships, and other financial aid opportunities available to veterans, active-duty service members, and reservists. See Methodology Get Ranking Seal. University of Western States.

Tweet this Share this School Profile. United States Sports Academy. Concordia University - Saint Paul. University of Southern Mississippi. The University of Texas at Tyler. University of Hawaii at Manoa. Concordia University - Chicago. North Dakota State University. These programs enroll one cohort per year.

Daniela Rosca has recently presented at the International Conference on Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering the results of her research together with graduate student Veera Tadikonda on the application of big data analysis to financial systems.

They aim to extend their research to other domains of application, such as healthcare or retail industry. To help defray the expense of tuition, financial aid options are available specifically for graduate and post-graduate students at Monmouth. Those enrolled in a graduate degree or certificate program can pursue multiple types of financial aid. At Monmouth University we recognized the value of GAs for educating graduate students as developing professionals in training, for the important roles GAs serve in interacting with, mentoring, inspiring and helping undergraduate students and fellow graduate students, and for providing critical support to graduate faculty.

Upcoming Graduate Studies Information Sessions. I am a Select Male Female student. A graduate admission counselor will be in touch soon. We encourage you to explore monmouth. Attend an upcoming virtual or on-campus Graduate Studies Information Session this fall! Our schools and programs have been awarded accreditations after independent evaluation from leading accrediting organizations. Programmatic accreditation is not only important to prospective graduate students but also future employers who judge the merits of a graduate program based on specific accreditation.

Candidacy is a "preaccreditation" status with the CAA, awarded to developing or emerging programs for a maximum period of 5 years. Graduate Assistantships At Monmouth University we recognized the value of GAs for educating graduate students as developing professionals in training, for the important roles GAs serve in interacting with, mentoring, inspiring and helping undergraduate students and fellow graduate students, and for providing critical support to graduate faculty.

See More about the Graduate Center. School Counseling MS Education: Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate Certificate:

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