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2018 Most Affordable Online Colleges for Art & Design Degrees

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❶They receive training in using the technology during their first residency. On the other hand, the University of Nebraska Kearney explicitly states that its Online MEd in Art Education does not lead to certification or a field endorsement.

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We reveal the 10 most exciting online art schools available today, for all types of artists.

He adds that school helped him to understand how to work the camera, edit, archive, network, and be creative.

Open your mind and try many opportunities. Her path to a creative career continued in junior high school when she created a large mosaic out of old magazines. In high school, she took courses in calligraphy, ceramics, jewelry making, advanced illustration, and commercial art. Following this process, I also learned how to draw out and measure a layout for a cereal box package, create creative lettering, hold an air brushing gun.

Karen threw away the brochures and started drawing as a hobby. She dropped out of high school but later earned her diploma through an adult education program. During that time, she made posters for musicians and created signs for local restaurants. Then, in her second marriage, she found the creative support she needed to return to school for an advanced degree.

The teachers were worried that they were going to lose their jobs because their skills were outdated. Online education options differ dramatically, from the more traditional foundational courses that can last several months, to individual lessons tailored to fit one subject, from class-based seminars to inspirational podcasts and more. Hopefully, this selection will help you pick a path that best suits your personal goals and budget, supplementing existing studies or creating a plan for you to follow from beginning to end.

Schoolism has rapidly become one of the best-known online art schools. This is thanks in part to its prolific founder Bobby Chiu being a well-known and supremely well-respected artist himself, and the diverse team of instructors it has collected. The roster includes the likes of Craig Mullins, Terryl Whitlatch, Nathan Fowkes and other titans of the entertainment industry.

The courses available are as diverse as the people teaching them, covering more traditional topics such as gesture drawing essential for aspiring animators and concept artists , oil painting techniques , anatomy and colour and lighting fundamentals, as well as character and creature design, watercolour techniques , digital painting and storyboarding.

Basically, pretty much all areas of expertise that you can think of in the industry are covered here. It was founded by Rebecca Guay, known for her work on Magic: The Gathering and other high-profile clients. She says that, "SmArt School brings some of the most recognised, celebrated artists and illustrators working today to the small-scale teaching format.

CGMA, or Computer Graphics Master Academy to give it its full name, is unique in the online art school space in that it offers three comprehensive curriculums, which operate in a similar manner to a more traditional art school, with a heavy emphasis on structured learning. The three main programmes available are Foundation and Design, Character Design, and Environment Design, and each begins with foundational training before taking the student through every necessary step to become adept in that particular field.

Students are presented with a certificate upon completion of their chosen program, along with individual certificates for each class attended. You may also take masterclasses in isolation, rather than as part of the full course. They cover topics including analytical figure drawing, Perspective, character design for film and games, building a personal brand, fundamentals of design, animal drawing, and many other areas of skills that are crucial for developing a successful career in the entertainment industries.

Many states have specific requirements e. But, again, the program will include on-site components and teacher training in schools. Online MA in Art Education programs are typically aimed at art teachers who already have their initial teaching license. If this is your situation, there are online graduate programs that can help with this process.

We always recommend you check with your State Board and the university to see if the education requirements will match. To take two contrasting examples:. On top of a degree, you may also need a state license or other credentials to practice. There are online graduate programs that can help you toward these goals! Data Sources for Our Rankings collegescorecard. Advertisement This search widget accesses a list of schools that help sponsor this website by paying a small fee for student inquiries.

They are all accredited institutions. Some may be included in our rankings, but that is not related to their participation as an advertiser. In general, evaluating as many schools as possible whether through this widget or through other sources of information will help you find the best fit. Make sure the program includes opportunities for applied coursework. The more credits you can apply to the program, the lower your tuition.

Check the transfer policies before you sign on the dotted line. In the future, you may want to apply your online associate degree to a hybrid, online, or on-campus bachelor program in the arts. Research your options and talk to colleges. Will your favored academy or design institute accept your online AA credits? Take a course tour, talk to former students, and ask how students can collaborate on projects.

Generally speaking, a BFA will train you to become a professional artist while a BA has applications to other fields e. Do your research before you decide to invest in one. Can You Customize Your Degree? If you have a particular field e. Online fine arts degrees often include on-campus classes where you can work in studios and receive advice on projects.

Is it a Degree Completion Program? These programs will always include in-person training components i. We talk about this in our section on Licensure see below. Schools will spell out their terms on their website. Is it a Low Residency Program? A few online graduate degrees in teaching will help you achieve these goals; many others will not.

In either case, universities should state the facts clearly on their program websites. We talk more about the issue in our section on Licensure see below.

This degree is often aimed at current K art teachers and art educators in relevant fields e. It can help with career advancement and applications to administrative jobs, but it usually cannot be used as an alternative pathway to teacher licensure or to earn endorsements. Have You Considered Art Therapy? Art therapy uses creative methods of expression as therapeutic techniques. We talk more about the field in our section on Licensure see below.

Does it Prepare You for Professional Certifications? Check with the university to see if the coursework will be relevant. Does it Appear in Online Education Rankings? On-campus DFAs are rare, so it may be impossible to find an online version.

An online certificate in fine arts is typically short and super-targeted. Will Your Credits Transfer to a Degree? Remember, too, that you may want to move your credits into a degree program at some point in the future. To do that, ask yourself the following questions: Most universities have great reciprocity agreements e. Exceptions to this rule usually concern programs that have clinical or fieldwork components e.

Some online fine arts programs will include synchronous components—that means you have to be at your computer at a certain date and time to participate in the course.

You may also need to set aside some time for class activities. What is the Credit Transfer Policy? Every university has their own quirky policy on credit transfers. A number of your courses in online and hybrid fine arts programs will be taught by adjunct professors who are currently working as professional artists. We think this is great—as long as they know how to teach! Finding the right mentors is a superb way to build your career.

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Accredited Online Art Degree Guide for The main accrediting organization for art programs is the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). NASAD’s objective is to ensure that art schools maintain the . The best online art schools allow young and old aspiring artists to gain the technical and business knowledge needed to build a lengthly & successful careers in the arts.