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❶The Ebook Launch Guarantee. Mike is a serial entrepreneur, business coach and the Founder of PaperTrue.

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In truth, most of the below professional book editors have other services and specialize in other genres as well. They screen their editors and only allow the best of the best to be listed on their website. Another place to find professional editing service is the team at Ebook Launch. They have a team of professional editors who can polish your book for an affordable price.

The small team at Ebook Launch also provides amazing book cover designs and formatting in addition to their editing service. A site where you can hire editors on a freelance basis. Has a range of prices so there is something to suit most budgets. Be sure to take the usual caution when working with a freelancer. Check out their reputation carefully first and communicate carefully with them in order to determine a schedule, payment expectations, methods of communication etc.

Another online editing service is Scribendi, which has over experienced and educated editors. With this service, you decide how fast you want the book edited and how extensive the edit should be, then they match you with an editor. Their prices depend on your requested turnaround time and word count. You can get a free quote here. In addition to cover designs and formatting, you can get professional proofreading through Author Packages.

They can help you make sure your manuscript is ready for publication. Now that you have a basic understanding of the book editing services, and have access to a list of top editors, ask yourself what you are looking for in an editor.

When we go to select a book editor, how do we know that that person really is a professional? How do we know that they are worth the price as compared to the other editors out there? All I see is that they made corrections…but did they get them all? We want our clients to have the utmost confidence that they are working with the right editor for them. As well as employing experienced book editors, Global English Editing is an affordable editing option for authors.

As we are an exclusively online business , we keep our costs down and pass these savings on to our customers through lower prices. Our book editing services uniquely cater to the increasing demand for affordable editing which has been spurred by the accessibility of publishing through the e-Book market.

Please use our Price Calculator to confirm for yourself our genuinely affordable book editing rates. We understand that some authors value flexibility in the turnaround time. Perhaps they have a looming deadline for publication, or simply do not want to wait a month or longer for the professional editing process to be completed. Therefore, authors can select the turnaround time that suits them and the price will always remain the same.

Find out more about our affordability and turnaround times on the Prices page. The professional editing process can be a daunting one for any author, especially a first time writer. Although a friend or family member may be willing to edit or proofread your novel, an experienced novel editor is much better equipped than a hobby editor to provide the editorial assistance needed to make it a publishing success.

We are a great value option for authors regardless of their publishing aspirations. We have helped authors who covet publishing success, and others whose ambitions are more niche. During this edit, your editor will assess the impact of your story:.

A copyedited book shows readers you have taken the time to enhance their reading experience; that you respect and appreciate them. Click here to get started. Editing Services Which editing service is best for me? Click here for more information and pricing. Click here for more details and samples. Comprehensive Edit A comprehensive edit is the highest and most in-depth level of book editing we offer.

During this edit, your editor will assess the impact of your story:

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Professional Editing Package - A comprehensive manuscript edit to prepare the manuscript for self-publishing or submission to agents and publishers. The editor will .

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The service levels are clearly defined and the editors are professional. Through our program indie authors can now receive the same level of editing as traditionally published authors at major publishing houses.

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Developmental Editing. Developmental editing peels back the layers of your story to understand what makes it tick. Fiction authors can expect feedback, insight, and advice on: storytelling, structure, plot, characterization, dialogue, viewpoint and narration, hooks, tone, pacing and progression, setting, voice, and writing mechanics. Editing a manuscript is a specialized service and an author requires a professional book editor rather than a generalist editor or an amateur. We employ experienced book editors who have considerable experience in the publishing industry – many have previously worked for major publishing houses.

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If you’re a first-time author, we do recommend having these services performed on your book. There is much to be gained by having good editors help you shape your writing, and make your work the best it can be. Learn everything there is to know about finding online book editors, the types of professional editing services and what exactly editors do.